Imageshaker! tries to be the fastest way to upload your image files to popular image-hosting services. It can be done almost in 1-2 clicks of your mouse! Simple, isn't it?

How to use it?

If you want to use ImageShaker!, you have to download it from SourceForge, install it and USE IT as simple as click an option from context menu of image you want to upload.

After selection of host, the progress dialog appears...

And then... link to your image! You have to copy it now and use it in any way you imagine. :)


You can make this piece of software better by sending my a message or leaving it at SourceForge's Tracker. It could be a simple way to make my sofware better and more adequate to your needs.

Current version

The current version of ImageShaker! is 0.1.4

Some changes:
- fully translated to polish, but still available in english
- history added
- corrected errors from 0.1.3

Download it now!